Team Building @ Inkwenkwezi

“He who dares nothing should expect nothing”

Are you part of a champion team?

Would you like to develop your team to become even greater champions?
If your answer is yes, then let us work together with you to create and build the greatest team possible here at Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve

Team building is a carefully planned series of events. Individuals are encouraged to engage in activities that contribute to the accomplishment of the group as a whole.

At INKWENKWEZI Private Game Reserve these activities become a process that:

Empowers team members, allowing them to take ownership
Assists the team to operate at it’s full potential
Maximizes the strengths of individual members
Create synergy and co-operation to reach desired goals INKWENKWEZI’S programs are designed to address a spectrum of personal and organizational issues, and provide proven methods for:

• Foster a strong team spirit among participants.
• Create Champions.
• Reinforce skills and behaviors that have resulted in success in the past

Teambuilding at INKWENKWEZI will help your team in the following ways:

• Building Self-Confidence
• Encouraging Personal Risk-Taking
• Accepting Responsibility
• Setting and Achieving Goals
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Improving Communication
• Establishing Trust and Cooperation
• Developing Dynamic Leadership
• Resolving Conflict
• Dealing Effectively with Change
Debriefing of each activity is typically quite extensive.

INKWENKWEZI Private Game Reserve Teambuilding are best suited for:

• Developing teamwork in a new or reorganized group.
• Bridging gaps between regional offices.
• Improving creativity and problem solving skills
• Reducing intra- and inter-departmental barriers and building a foundation of communication and cooperation.
• Incorporating new managers into existing team

Inkwenkwezi’s widely-acclaimed Ropes/Balance Course is the hallmark of its success. One of our most popular programs, the Ropes/Balance Course is an upbeat and success-oriented program that’s fun and suitable for all abilities. We have a long-standing track record working with groups reflecting a world of diversity involving everyone from the Manager of the company to the front line staff.The Ropes/Balance Course is a non-competitive program based in a Challenge by Choice philosophy. All activities are voluntary.

The decision to participate empowers people to perform to their potential, freely and without pressure.The types of activities involved in the Ropes Course, all require trust, effective communication and mutual support for success. Low elements, also known as Strategic Games, are at ground level. Some may involve physical activity, while others focus mainly on creative thinking and problem-solving.

Corporate leaders are drawn to our Ropes Course because of its long-term effectiveness in the workplace. Through the ropes course, the company has paved the way for executives to learn something new about themselves. After the program, all participants can expect to feel a new and profound sense of confidence. In a matter of hours they discover the difference between what they think they can accomplish and what they can actually do — individually and as team players.


Nightline – activity that stresses communication. Individuals are blindfolded and have to make there way through a maze as a team.

Silent pot – communication, planning, teamwork, strategy. Team must lift basin
of water out of designated area using only a rope.

Swamp – planning, teamwork, communication. Team must get from one side of a designated area to the other using 3 tyres and a plank.

Lollipop – The team must get the tyre over the pole and touch the ground and then off again. No part of the tyre may touch the pole. No person may have more than a hand on the pole for support.


Trust Fall – The team must form two lines below the platform, the furtherest members must go to the top of the platform. With the back facing the team shout “trust” if the team is ready they shout “fall”. The objective is to catch the team member falling. The member who has just fallen will join the team closest to the platform.

Weaving Rack – The team must form get the barrel named “BERTHA” over the rack by weaving her through the poles – over under over etc. The team sit, balance etc on the cross beams, but may not use the inclined beams for support. Only 2 team members can be on the ground to act as spotters, they cannot touch BERTHA or any of the team members.

High beam – The whole team has to get over a beam six meters off the ground. Only two people are allowed to be on the top to assist people over. The others must help from the ground.


Steve Buys has held workshops for a wide variety of Organizations in business, government, the volunteer sector, education, Ngo’s and Cbo’s. He has a PhD in Counselling, Honors in Psyco-Social Anthropology and Eco-metric Assessments. He has developed Out Door Experiential learning courses in three African countries. He can be contacted through Inkwenkwezi.

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